Is it dangerous to sleep with earplugs in?

Answer I had the same question in my mind, facing similar sleeping conditions. I wake easily to light, and sound. I thought that by using earplugs I would perhaps not here my fire alarm, and risk dying fr... Read More »

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Why is it dangerous to awaken a sleep walker?

same reason if you jumped out of a closet on someone and scared the crap out of them, they might punch you out......same with a sleep walker when you wake them up they won't know where they are, wh... Read More »

Is Sleep Paralysis Dangerous (Should I treat it)?

Sleep paralysis occurs when your brain wakes up but your body is still asleep so you are paralysed for a few seconds. In some cases it can be triggered off by sleeping on your back.For a few secon... Read More »

Is it dangerous to sleep with your mobile phone near your pillow?

Is it true that it is dangerous to wake up a sleep walker, if so why?

Sleep walking occurs during REM Rapid Eye Movement stage of sleep normally the body will produce a chemical which inhibits the body from moving and "acting out" the dream. Sleepwalkers will sometim... Read More »