Is it dangerous to lift baby from head?

Answer yes, their bones are too gentle and might get fractured in the process

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What could be the reason that your 7-month-old baby still cannot lift his own head?

There could be many reasons: My son could neither hold his head up - nor did he really have any control over his neck at all - until he was approx. 11 months. Please talk to someone; I didn't do th... Read More »

Can a baby free its head from 2 fifths?

When is the baby turning from the wumb facing head down?

IKnowManyThings001 on... "heavy sleeping babies"I am not 100% sure, but I think it is because they are relaxed and not trying to resist gravity weighing them down.HOPE THIS HELPS

Are head phones dangerous to ear drums?

Head phones can definitely be dangerous to ear drums. If the volume of the device that is producing the sound is turned up too high and listened to for a long period of time, the head phones could ... Read More »