Is it dangerous to lift baby from head?

Answer yes, their bones are too gentle and might get fractured in the process

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What could be the reason that your 7-month-old baby still cannot lift his own head?

There could be many reasons: My son could neither hold his head up - nor did he really have any control over his neck at all - until he was approx. 11 months. Please talk to someone; I didn't do th... Read More »

How to Lift Someone over Your Head With One Hand?

Lifting someone over your head with only one hand and a sturdy belt is not as difficult as it might sound. This technique can be used in case of a serious emergency or just for fun. Follow this how... Read More »

Why are you not supposed to lift your hands above your head while pregnant?

Answer This is an old wives tale. You can lift your hands above your head.

Is it dangerous to put your head in a Scanner?

i dont think it is dangerousall a scanner does is shines a bright light on the scanned objects, the light reflects off of the objects into a series of mirrors and then into a sensor that turns the ... Read More »