Is it dangerous to be a fruitarian?

Answer Looks like it is, as I was told the guy championing this died and raw vegans don't just eat fruit.

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They only eat fruit you eat that won't die if you eat the whole thing. Like appels are OK because you pick them off the tree, but say a head of cabbage isn't because the whole plant dies.It's like... Read More »

How to Become a Fruitarian?

A fruitarian is a person who follows the original human diet. Even the vegan diet does not come up to the mark on the ethical fruitarian's scale. 'Raw foodists' will eat fruits, nuts, herbs and cer... Read More »

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Is dry ice dangerous?

On One Hand: It's Just Carbon DioxideDry ice is simply frozen carbon dioxide, a non-toxic gas that's part of the air we breathe. Global warming notwithstanding, CO2 is inert, non-flammable and non-... Read More »