Is it dangerous that my pc screen has turned pink?

Answer Unplug the cable from the computer and check that none of the pins have bent.You may be able to straighten them with some needle nose pliers. But be careful they tend to snap very easily.But its no... Read More »

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All of a sudden my Pc screen turned pink?

I would suggest seek help from a professional and don't try trial and error method. This may result in further damage to your machine. If its under warranty the you wont have to pay for the service... Read More »

Is having PC turned on for 9 days dangerous to any of its components.?

Could it be a symptoms of pregnancy if you were supposed to start your period today and had brown spotting this morning which turned to pink then to almost black in the same day?

Answer this i squite common when first pregnant and if you do do a test that proves that you are then you should speak to your doctor or midwife about this for them to check and make sure that ever... Read More »

My LG chocolates screen turned white what do i do ?

On my LG-C, it never did that. Call up a verizon store,, have em fix it.