Is it dangerous for you to eat sushi while you are pregnant?

Answer AnswerSwedish authorities have recently okayed for pregnant women to eat sushi. They are reffering to all cooked toppings, such as shrimps, and to salmon that has been frozen for at least three day... Read More »

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What sushi can you eat while pregnant?

On One Hand: There Are RisksThough some people believe you may eat all forms of sushi during pregnancy, many American experts advise against it. High levels of mercury found in some types of sushi ... Read More »

Why can't pregnant women eat sushi?

Sushi by its definition is not totally cooked, so there is the danger of food borne illnesses, some of which can kill your unborn child. Salmonella poisoning is a very real danger as is ecoli. If t... Read More »

Is rough sex dangerous when your pregnant?

If you had an abortion and you want to get pregnant again is it dangerous for the baby or you?

Some women have difficulty conceiving after an abortion, but there generally isn't more danger for you or the baby. That said, abortion isn't the best form of birth control as it carries risks for ... Read More »