Is it dangerous for a 10-month-old baby to swallow a piece of paper?

Answer Yes, it is very danderous because he could choke and die

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Is it dangerous for a 4 month old baby to fly?

it is perfectly safe for a baby to fly on a plane as long as they are sucking on a pacifier or bottle feeding during take off and landing.

Is it dangerous to swallow sperm?

There are no dangerous effects by swallowing a "sperm", other than the death of the sperm cell. As a rule, I believe seminal fluid is also harmless, although many people are revolted at the thought... Read More »

If I chew on a piece of meat, but always spit it out before I swallow it, can I call myself a vegetarian?

Is it dangerous to swallow a contact lense HELPPPP!?

It is not a problem swallowing your lens. However it is a problem sticking them in your mouth to rewet them!