Is it customary to tip furniture delivery men?

Answer According to iTipping, tipping furniture movers is not customary, and not expected, although many people do tip the movers. The decision is up to you, but typically when you do tip, it is customar... Read More »

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Should I Tip a Furniture Delivery Man?

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Should I Tip Furniture Delivery Men?

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Are you supposed to tip for furniture delivery?

On One Hand: Tipping is OptionalTipping for any service, including furniture delivery, is always optional unless otherwise stated in the contract or payment terms. Workers should not expect tips fo... Read More »

Do you tip furniture delivery people?

You should tip furniture delivery people, according to Tip Guide. How much, however, depends on the difficulty of the moving job. Tip Guide recommends $5 to $10 per mover for a normal job, and $20 ... Read More »