Is it customary to tip at a b&b?

Answer You typically leave a tip of $1 to $5 for the housekeepers at a bed and breakfast facility. The exceptions to this practice are when the B&B includes a gratuity with the bill or if you did not like... Read More »

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Is soundproofing customary between apartments?

Soundproofing materials are expensive, difficult to work with and rare in standard apartments. Professional soundproofing is available for apartments for thousands of dollars, and there are a numbe... Read More »

Is it customary to tip an appliance deliveryman?

Generally, most people do not tip appliance deliverymen because the customers already pay a shipping fee, according to However, you might want to consider giving a small tip, especial... Read More »

Is it customary to tip furniture delivery men?

According to iTipping, tipping furniture movers is not customary, and not expected, although many people do tip the movers. The decision is up to you, but typically when you do tip, it is customar... Read More »

Does England use customary or the metric system?

England uses a combination of metric and customary, or imperial, units. British law states that goods must display metric units on packaging but can also list customary units as supplementary infor... Read More »