Is it customary to tip an appliance deliveryman?

Answer Generally, most people do not tip appliance deliverymen because the customers already pay a shipping fee, according to However, you might want to consider giving a small tip, especial... Read More »

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How does the ground or earth wire of an appliance protect a user if there is a fault with that particular appliance?

All the neutral and ground (or "earth") wires in a building are tied (or "connected") together at the incoming service main breaker panel - and that is the only place they should ever be tied toget... Read More »

Your appliance draws 1.43 amps at 10911 per kilowatt hour how much does this appliance cost you per hour?

To answer this question I have to know what you are charged per Kw/hr by the power company. If you mean .10911 per kw/hr, then I need to know at what voltage.

Is it customary to tip at a b&b?

You typically leave a tip of $1 to $5 for the housekeepers at a bed and breakfast facility. The exceptions to this practice are when the B&B includes a gratuity with the bill or if you did not like... Read More »

Is it customary to tip furniture delivery men?

According to iTipping, tipping furniture movers is not customary, and not expected, although many people do tip the movers. The decision is up to you, but typically when you do tip, it is customar... Read More »