Is it cruel to kennel dogs during the day?

Answer On One Hand: Dogs Feel Safe in a CrateLong ago, the dog's ancestors, wolves, lived in dens that were very close quarters. Most dogs still retain this instinct and are actually calmer when in a conf... Read More »

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Is there anything that will keep kennel dogs quiet?

Dogs that bark excessively while kenneled (or crated) are typically vocalizing out of boredom. To prevent barking and encourage quiet, keep your dog entertained, well-exercised or use a calming dev... Read More »

How to Housebreak Kennel Dogs?

Housebreaking an adult kennel-raised dog can be fairly easy if the kennel he lived in was kept clean and he had room to eliminate in one corner. If he lived in a dirty kennel, or one that was too s... Read More »

How often do dogs need the kennel cough vaccine?

The kennel cough vaccine is not required by law, so it is not required for canines of any age, breed or gender. However, veterinarians recommend that the vaccine be given yearly, or as needed--such... Read More »

What is a kennel cough shot for dogs?

Kennel cough is a highly contagious upper respiratory condition that can affect all dogs. The disease is easily passed in areas with a high concentration of dogs and is rarely lethal. Often veterin... Read More »