Is it cruel to force vegetarianism on children or pets?

Answer Pets - definitely YESChildren - Yes. They should be given a chance to get all they need to grow by using a standard diet for human beings

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Vegetarianism/Veganism and Children?

1) Somewhere around age 18 or 19, but I stopped being a vegetarian 2.75 years later, and don't regret my decision. Meat seems to really help me as a bodybuilder/weight-lifter.2) If my daughter is o... Read More »

Can you have children on"Sims 2 Pets"?

The Sims 2 Pets expansion pack builds off the existing Sims 2 framework, which means you can indeed have children in the game. Your Sims can have a boy, a girl or even twins. With aging turned on, ... Read More »

How to Protect Your Children and Pets?

A lot of older pets encounter eye sight problems and can easily fall into your backyard pool and drown.

Are turtles good pets for children?

On One Hand: Turtles Cause DiseaseAn article released by the Humane Society of the United States in September 2004 included frightening statistics about children contracting reptile-associated salm... Read More »