Is it crown moulding or crown molding?

Answer The correct spelling is crown molding. Crown molding is a decorative wood trim placed between the top of the wall and the ceiling. It is typically used for decoration and to cover blemishes and dry... Read More »

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How to Cut Crown Moulding Flat?

Cutting molding flat is the process of making an angle cut on the end of the molding to join two ends together. When two cut ends are put together, they will lay flat to create a 90-degree angle in... Read More »

How to Stack Crown Moulding?

Decorating a room with crown moulding is a perfect way to instantly give the entire space a face lift. Crown moulding comes in many forms, from plain flat slabs to intricate mouldings with curves a... Read More »

How to Cut Crown Moulding With a Coping Saw?

Crown moulding is used to accentuate the borders in the ceiling and is positioned at an angle to give more depth to the borders. Since the moulding is angled, the extra dimension presents more comp... Read More »

How to Paint Crown Moulding?

Before painting crown moulding, ensure it is in good condition, and properly prepared. Remove and replace any loose nails. Fill any gaps or spaces like nail holes with an acrylic caulk. Cut away pr... Read More »