Is it creepy to stalk your lover on facebook?

Answer Recomiedno that you do not use these pages for rare, use it for good things.ok....

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Why do creepy old men stalk me online?

I'm sorry, I'll try to stop. But you radiate an irresistable sexual magnetism. How can any of us control ourselves around you, for God's sake?

How to Stalk Using Facebook?

Is there a person who you're dating, have a crush on or want to be friends with? Do you want to know what they are doing and what they like? Well, you should consider stalking them on Facebook with... Read More »

Do you Facebook stalk people in your class?

Yep I do it to all the cute girls in my class, especially late at night with a glass of wine and a box of tissues.

How do I know if people stalk me on my Facebook and Myspace?

First off, I think we need to define stalking; people often use the term incorrectly.Stalking is intimidating someone by overtly following someone, trespassing on their property, contacting in a ha... Read More »