Is it common for young teen girls to shave their arms?

Answer wow don't shave your armsI am 20 years old and do not know any females I have encountered in my life with shaved armsIf your arms are really hairy and bother you, get them waxedIf you shave them, y... Read More »

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Is it ok for girls to shave their arms?

I'm no girl, but I've heard that it grows back thicker and darker. What many people do is bleach their arm hair. That's a better alternative. I'd ask your mom. She's got the same genes. She'll know... Read More »

Why cant girls shave their arms?

If they shave, they'd get prickly-feeling skin. That's worse than hairy arms.

Poll ~ girls ~ do you shave your arms?

Do guys with sleeve tattoos shave their arms?

some guys do and some don't.. i have a sleeve's and don't.. when people shave them it allows them to appear brighter, but if out in the sun as much as i am during the summer months if you shave the... Read More »