Is it common for acoustic neuromas to affect both ears?

Answer On One Hand: It Is Not CommonAn acoustic neuroma is a benign tumor that grows around balance and hearing nerves in the ear. The tumors are an overgrowth of Schwann cells, which are the cells that c... Read More »

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What test do you use to determine acoustic neuromas?

The best test for diagnosing acoustic neuromas is magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, of the head. The imaging method uses magnets and radio waves. A CT scan of the head and tests for hearing, vert... Read More »

TH Family: Did Tom gauge both his ears?

yeah!hoooowt!u know... he can get dreads, corn rows, a lip piercing... n a piercing on each ear... it still looks hot!Everything he does looks hot!Tom says "that's cute" and thats hotTom smokes and... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Echoes in Both Ears?

Inner ear problems are often to blame for echoing ears, but if you already wear hearing aids, consider a visit to your audiologist as well as your family doctor.

I have a really bad ear ache in both ears.?

it could just be allergies. My daughter just went to see the doctor and that is all it was. Take some otc meds for allergies. If it persists then see a doctor.