Is it common for acoustic neuromas to affect both ears?

Answer On One Hand: It Is Not CommonAn acoustic neuroma is a benign tumor that grows around balance and hearing nerves in the ear. The tumors are an overgrowth of Schwann cells, which are the cells that c... Read More »

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What test do you use to determine acoustic neuromas?

The best test for diagnosing acoustic neuromas is magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, of the head. The imaging method uses magnets and radio waves. A CT scan of the head and tests for hearing, vert... Read More »

How earphones affect your ears?

Common Ailments of Ears?

Ear ailments are a common problem, especially during the first few years of life. Small children are more susceptible to ear infections and other problems because they have an immature immune syste... Read More »

How common are pierced ears?

Fairly common, especially among women. A poll by Good Morning America found that 90 percent of parents interviewed allowed or would allow their teenaged children to get their ears pierced. Eighty-n... Read More »