Is it common for a 7-year-old girl to have vaginal discharge?

Answer Answer Not common but occasionally they get something like thrush. She may even be coming up to puberty.I suggest you take her to a doctor.

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What if a girl has a vaginal discharge?

If you look in your panties and see white stuff in it that means you had a vaginal discharge. If you feel it coming try to put toilet paper over your vagina to keep from getting it on your panties

Does an IUD cause vaginal discharge?

On One Hand: IUD Can Cause DischargeAn IUD (intrauterine device) can cause an abnormal discharge. Planned Parenthood encourages women to get immediate medical attention if they experience discharge... Read More »

Brownish red vaginal discharge?

It's normal to have brownish-red discharged. I get it sometimes. Sometimes these this happens right after you start you start birth control, or right after you quit taking it. If I don't take it fo... Read More »

What causes excessive vaginal discharge?

its just part of your cycle. you are probably getting close to ovulating or are ovulating. discharge is very normal unless it has a bad smell or odd color . I have had this same problem since i was... Read More »