Is it colder at the top or bottom of the freezer?

Answer Bottom. This way it is right against the cold. As well, heat rises. If you able though, put it in the middle between two bags of ice to keep the item at the coldest possible temperture.

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Why is there a build up of ice right at the bottom of my fridge freezer?

You must hire a technician to identify and fix the problem with your refrigerator. Often the opinions gathers from other users may be misleading.

Why is the freezer compartment at the bottom of the fridge?

Some freezers are designed differently, not all refrigerators have the freezer compartment on the bottom. My fridge has the whole left side of it as the freezer compartment. So it all just depends.

How do I clean an Amana bottom drawer freezer?

Prepare the FreezerTurn the Amana freezer's power off. Remove any food from the bottom drawer freezer and place it in the refrigerator or in a cooler with ice.Clean the FreezerFill a bucket with 1 ... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot an Amana Refrigerator Bottom Freezer?

Amana's concept behind the bottom freezer is that the food you use most often is within easy reach and at eye-level, whereas the food you use less often---the frozen food--is in the lower slide-out... Read More »