Is it cheaper to own a printer Or, print somewhere for $0.10 a page?

Answer In the long run it would be cheaper to buy a printer, I have one that I can print, copy, fax and do any of that in a place like kinko's would cost a lot of money!!If you hardly ever pri... Read More »

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Is it cheaper to print at home or at a printer service?

It's cheaper if you print at home :) But... instead of printing each of the 500 brochures, why don't you just print one and photocopy?

My printer just printed the test page. I have been trying to print other documents and it will not print!?

If you have a printer that is 10 years old or older and you have Windows 8 that will be the problem. Windows 8 can have a problem printing with older printers.

How do i print a test page again on my printer?

The printing head for black ink may be broken. To print test page, go to printer folder and rightclick printer and choose properties and click test print page

Why does my printer only print out 1 page?

That's a good question.What operating system, programs (& versions) to print are you using?What make & model is your printer?What type of document are you trying to print?