Is it cheaper to book airline tickets from a website?

Answer Unless you are traveling for an emergency reason, such as a funeral or to visit a person who is gravely ill, you can usually get better deals online than you can from calling an airline or booking ... Read More »

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Is it cheaper to buy airline tickets at the airport?

It is generally not cheaper to buy tickets at the airport, and sometimes it is not even possible. Search the web for the best price and flight choices. Price varies between sites, so check several.... Read More »

Are airline tickets cheaper during the week?

According to travel experts, airfare is cheapest when purchased on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Your tickets may be 15 to 25 percent less expensive when purchased in the early part of the week than if ... Read More »

Are airline tickets cheaper on Tuesdays?

Fare Compare's in-depth study found that Tuesday is the day to purchase the cheapest airline tickets. More specifically, travelers will find the best deals on airline tickets at 3 P.M. EST on Tuesd... Read More »

Are round-trip airline tickets cheaper than one-way?

The relative price of a round-trip ticket versus a one-way ticket depends on the time, location, and fullness of the flight. Travel-comparison sites like Kayak and Bing Travel make it quick and eas... Read More »