Is it cannibalism if you eat yourself?

Answer it's called Autophagy (or more technically, Autosarcophagy)auto = selfsarx = fleshphagus = to consume

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Will I like cannibalism?

Ummm... no? I wouldn't recommend cannibalism.. but the choice is yours.

Why is cannibalism illegal?

I know, I love eating other humans, so tasty.Cannibals rule.

Cannibalism disease thing?

Kuru.A horrific disease. WHen anthropologists discovered flesh eating tribes in Papua New Guinea, they found a wasting disease was rampant- it consisted of muscular wasting, falling down, wobbly l... Read More »

Cannibalism - mouth rash?

I am no expert, but I would not think it's true. Have you ever heard of cannibalism inducing mouth rashes? I sure haven't!Besides, what makes human meat any different from animal meat? I am not ... Read More »