Is it broken or just sprained ?

Answer it depends, if you iced it and that didn't help then it could be broken. did you hear a pop when it was hit? Can you move it? if you can move it then it's probably okay. I suggest to ice it every d... Read More »

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How do you know If your leg broken or sprained?

Is it broken or sprained?

Your trainer should follow these rules:… if you have pain over that area + unable to weight bear, it'd be safe to get an xray.In the meantime - reduce swe... Read More »

Is my ankle broken or sprained?

If the ankle was broken you wouldnt have been able to even walk on it. You said the pain came after twelve hours, which most probably means you didnt treat the injury the time it happened, and now ... Read More »

Broken or sprained wrist?

Do you remember bending your wrist back or twisting it in the wrong way? Its most likely just sprained because I have broken both of my wrists and I couldn't move them that much. It never hurts to ... Read More »