Is it broken or just sprained ?

Answer it depends, if you iced it and that didn't help then it could be broken. did you hear a pop when it was hit? Can you move it? if you can move it then it's probably okay. I suggest to ice it every d... Read More »

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Is my toe broken or sprained Possibly just bruised?

Sound like its just bruised. Go to the dr if it does not get better within a week.

Is it broken or sprained?

Your trainer should follow these rules:… if you have pain over that area + unable to weight bear, it'd be safe to get an xray.In the meantime - reduce swe... Read More »

Broken.... Fractured.... Sprained?

there's not much they can do except take xrays and put a boot on it.......sounds like about 1500-2500 worth of treatment therewhen u can do it yourself!I broke mine in the 80's and never visited a ... Read More »

Sprained or broken wrist!?

I just injured my wrist skateboarding today, and it hurt so bad I was sure I broke it.After several hours later the pain stopped.If it lasts for multiple days go to a doctor.