Is it better to waste time on Yahoo Answers or FrontierVille?

Answer Froggie babby, long time no see...I haven't played FrontierVille, I don't like the facebook thing much....but I'm pretty sure that there's no such thing as report monkeys over there...

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I Just heard about google answers for the first time, was it better than yahoo answers?

I used Google Answers for a couple of years. It was much more useful to me than this site is. For one thing, there were no crappy answers. All answers were worth reading. There was a fee to ask... Read More »

Which is better Yahoo answers or facebook?

Is Yahoo answers better than myspace?

I think it is better. I think Myspace is filled with fake people pawning lame stuff.

How much time do you spend on yahoo answers a day?

good doubt i too have same doubt............ i think some network with same id and pass word have been there to score such points ..however im vamshi