Is it better to turn off your computer or leave it on?

Answer There are a lot of pros and cons here... however if you choose to leave it on and it seems to be getting slow you should restart it to free up any "memory leaks". A memory leak is a program or rout... Read More »

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Should i turn my computer off at night or leave it on?

Theres barely any disadvantages of leaving a computer on 24 hours a day other than getting larger electricity bills. You can turn it on during the night if you wish, but have fun paying lots of mon... Read More »

Is it better for my computer to turn it off every night or just leave it on.?

turnit off, because the computer performance slows down, and wastes electricity

Is it better to leave a computer on all of the time, or to turn it off when ur done and on only when u need it?

Just give me one reason on why to leave it on if you're not going to use it overnight. All the power wasted while computers are sitting idle overnight adds up, and one study has finally tried to me... Read More »

Is it best to turn off your computer every night, or leave it on?

Best to turn off for a number of reasons.Save electricityProlong life of components within the computerCertain items will need refreshing which is done during rebootI'm in charge of a PVC mixing pl... Read More »