Is it better to shut down pc when not in use or leave running?

Answer definetly save energy buy shutting it down. This also allows windows to do it's maintenance more often when it shuts down and reboots. You won't have as much junk in Temp files. shutting down al... Read More »

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Is it better to leave my computer on all day or to shut it of when im down?

My desktop has been on for 4 years with no sleep and only shut off with updates. Not a big deal either way.

Is it best to leave a laptop on or shut it off when not in use?

On One Hand: Extended PeriodsIf you're not using your laptop for an extended period, like when you're finished using it for the day and won't use it again until the next morning, turn it off. Accor... Read More »

Should I Shut-Down My Computer At Night Or Leave It On?

Is it better to leave your computer and monitor on 24/7 or shut them off each day?

Most monitors only work for a limited amount of hours before they fry. PLus it's more eco-friendly to turn off at night.