Is it better to shovel snow before eating?

Answer On One Hand: Shoveling Causes FatigueAccording to personal trainer Shelby Young, a 150-pound person can burn up to 408 calories per hour shoveling snow. "You're using your upper and lower body and ... Read More »

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How to Shovel Snow?

Have you ever woke up to find that your driveway is covered with snow? Although it seems pretty straightforward, there's a subtle art to this task. Here's some helpful advice for tackling this wint... Read More »

How do I wax a snow shovel?

Remove DebrisRemove any debris from the face of the shovel with a scrubbing brush, and wipe the grooves clean using a strong rag. Dry the shovel with a towel. Dip a strong rag in floor wax or car p... Read More »

How do I Properly Shovel Ice & Snow?

Snow and ice covering sidewalks and the driveway are a nuisance and pose safety hazards. Shoveling this, however, also poses a safety hazard if you are not careful and don't apply the right techniq... Read More »

How do I shovel snow without getting hurt?

Stretch your back, arms and legs before shoveling snow to prevent muscle strain. Stretch again after shoveling. When lifting the snow shovel, use your legs and not your back. Bend at the knees a... Read More »