Is it better to rent or buy?

Answer On One Hand: Buying Can Build EquityWhen you purchase something, buying the item allows you to build value with your monthly payments. In addition, particularly with things that will appreciate in ... Read More »

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Is it Better to Rent or Purchase a Home?

Rust is like a horrible disease in your car. It's best prevented, and if isn't, it should be removed as soon as you see signs. Rust is caused by moisture and oxygen mixing together and weakening th... Read More »

Is It Better to Buy a Second Home or Rent a Snowbird?

There are two forms of kidney failure in rabbits: acute and chronic. Blood infection, heart failure, injury, shock, stress and stroke can cause acute renal failure. Both forms of the malady can be... Read More »

Is it a better idea to rent an appartment or buy a house. my girlfriend want's a place and is loaded?

Buy. If you rent you don't own anything so you're throwing money down the drain.

Do condominium buildings hold their value better if they do not allow the owners to rent them?

Condominium buildings and thus units within them hold their value if renters live there as though they were owners, fully informed of the guidelines contained in the governing documents, but withou... Read More »