Is it better to put ice or heat on a muscle strain?

Answer Use ice first, then heat. never apply directly to the skin and only for 20 min max intervals with an hour rest in between. They make these really nice heat patches you can use as well, they just ... Read More »

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Does putting a heat pack on a strain/sprain make it worse or better?

Nurse Strine, Jelloise and Mazz to the rescue! lolOhhhh....nothing worse than a stiff neck Doc :(The only advice I can add to what you have already received, is that if there is no swelling, then ... Read More »

Is this muscle strain?

i don't think it can be cured in one day but i suggest resting it could be muscle strain

What is Grade III Muscle Strain?

When an individual hurts a muscle, there are several different grades that a doctor uses to define the injury. These different grade categories regarding a muscle sprain help determine treatment an... Read More »

Which is a better protein for building muscle: Syntha-6 or Muscle Milk?

On One Hand: Syntha-6 BenefitsSyntha-6 is made of fast-, medium- and slow-digesting proteins so the body gets a steady supply over an eight-hour period. Best taken before going to bed, Syntha-6 has... Read More »