Is it better to leave your router on all the time or turn it off overnight?

Answer I have a BT router and have always switched it off when I shut down and switch on when I require to use the internet. It saves power and I have had no problems gaining access to the internet when ... Read More »

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Should i leave my computer ON overnight or should i turn it OFF?

Depends on if it's storming outside. It is safe and actually better to leave it on. I rarely turn my computer off unless I'm rebooting or there is a storm raging outside.

Is it necessary to turn my router off every night, or can i leave it on constantly?

Mine has no off switch, so mine at least is meant to stay on.

Is it ok to leave my Internet Router on all the time?

Not only is it ok, it is designed to do that. Turning it off when not using it is probably worse for it. Just make sure you have encryption set up so people don't hack your computers.

Is it OK to leave computer,moniter,modem , router on all the time?

I leave mine on all the time, except for my dsl connection I turned that off when I'm away from my computer