Is it better to have my wisdom teeth fully grown then remove?

Answer If they need to be removed you should remove them asap but if not then you shouldn't pull them out at all.You can't extract wisdom teeth randomly.It will hurt a lot more if they were pulled before ... Read More »

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If you have straight but gapped teeth and your wisdom teeth have not come out yet will the wisdom teeth help close the gaps when they erupt?

It might help a little, but if your father or mother have gapped teeth, you probably will too.Answer When your wisdom teeth will come out, if you have space, they might close some gaps between your... Read More »

If one of your wisdom teeth just started growing out do you have to wait until it is fully out to get it removed?

Your Dentist can extract it either way. No you don't have to wait The dentist can extract a tooth even if it's not completely erupted.Sometimes wisdom teeth do not erupt completely from lack of spa... Read More »

Is it possible for an adult to not need any wisdom teeth removed if they've never grown in or threatened the growth of the other teeth?

Answer If you have wisdom teeth and they haven't come in normally, you need to have them removed. And possiblly even if they have come in. They are so far back it's very hard to keep them properly ... Read More »

I have my wisdom teeth, but they haven't grown out yet. Can I get them removed before they grow out?

Yes, they can remove them before they come out. Your dentist will have to make that decision. They look at X-rays and can see the wisdom teeth under your gums. They look to see if t hey are grow... Read More »