Is it better to have a roth or a traditional ira?

Answer On One Hand: Traditional IRA BenefitsIf you expect to be in a lower tax bracket after you retire, the tax benefit of being able to deduct your contributions to your traditional IRA now outweighs th... Read More »

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Can i have both a traditional&roth ira?

On One Hand: Traditional IRAs Are Tax-DeferredA traditional IRA is a tax-deferred individual retirement account. You can deduct traditional IRA contributions from your taxable income and put off pa... Read More »

Do I have to hold a traditional IRA before converting to a Roth?

You do not have to have a traditional IRA before you can convert to a Roth IRA. As of 2010, the Internal Revenue Service permits you to convert from all other qualified retirement plans, including ... Read More »

Traditional Vs. Roth Vs. SEP IRA?

Individual Retirement Accounts are savings accounts for you to use during your retirement. Three of the most common IRAs are Traditional, Roth and SEP, each with varying benefits for you and your d... Read More »

How do I contribute to a Roth& a traditional IRA?

Aggregate ContributionDetermine your aggregate contribution limits. The IRS does not limit how many IRAs you contribute to within the same tax year, but you cannot exceed an aggregate value of $5... Read More »