Is it better to grow up in a large family or a small family?

Answer I'd say the answer to your question is going to be rather subjective. I know people from large families who are quite happy with their circumstances and wouldn't trade their many siblings for anyth... Read More »

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Who was the comedian on country nashville family reunion who talked about his large family members?

Can you grow enough food to feed a family of four with a small garden?

AnswerA modest size back yard could grow nearly enough food to feed your family of four. The key parts of managing this are: 1. Grow what your family will eat! 2. Use space very wisely (e.g. Grow t... Read More »

What are the legal obligations for a family that re-homes an internationally adopted child with another family under temporary custody with intention to adopt and the new family changes their mind?

The court will want the name and last known address of the father. They will post a Notice in the local paper where he supposedly lives. If he doesn't respond within the time limit the adoption can... Read More »

How to Survive In a Large Family?

Some people live in a family with numerous people. Because of this, you may not get all of the attention you need. Don't worry! You can survive in a large family,and still have fun!