Is it better to get braces now i'm 16 or later when i'm 40?

Answer See an orthodontist for an evaluation. He/she will tell you whether you need braces.I had braces at age 42. I don't recommend that you wait that long. Crooked, crowded teeth can cause bone loss ... Read More »

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Im Getting braces later on today?

okay,well the first thing they will do is sit you down then they will give you they might put you in whats called a tounge lock,it doesnt hurt and its just a little uncomfortable,its j... Read More »

If you have had braces and several years later your whole set of front top and bottom teeth don't touch can this be repaired?

Answer My advice is to consult an orthodontist ~ in many cases an open bite can be corrected with braces, in more severe cases orthognathic surgery may be needed (which is not as bad as it sounds, ... Read More »

Can you freeze homemade pasta or is it better to dry it for later use?

Yes it definitely makes a difference what flour you use. You cannot use pastry or high-gluten flour. You should use a hard durham wheat flour if you can find it; if not, use an all-purpose flour--a... Read More »

Im getting the wires for my braces tomorrow and few hours later cavity fillings will the fillings hurt...?

The cavity filling generally doesn't hurt any and the braces and the filling probably won't have any effect on each other. You probably have spacers so it's not uncommon for a tooth to get a bit lo... Read More »