Is it better to get a High Quality 2GB card or a Low quality 4GB SD Memory card ?

Answer You get what you pay for...would you buy a film canister that "might" have a hole in it? Buy a quality one, you won't regret it, you will regret buying a cheap one if you loose any images.

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What memory card do you recommend for shooting high quality video with the Canon Rebel T3i?

Make sure to buy 4GB+ because videos take up a lot of space! If possible go with Speed 10 which is currently the fastest, and it's also not that expensive. Class 6 and lower is not so large video s... Read More »

Would this graphics card be good enought to play high quality games like Call Of Duty 4?

hi Sukhdev yes more than good enough,and along with the excellent Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 and 3gb of ram this should allow you to play call of duty 4 at some reasonable detail levels and... Read More »

Should you spend the extra money for a high speed SD memory card for a Canon A560 camera or will a slower card work just as well?

Answer Slower speed SD cards will also work in the camera but performance of camera will be slower when compared to using a higher speed SD card. When the picture is taken, picture data is tempor... Read More »

Poor quality to high quality videos?

Well, it depends. Video can be "cleaned up" somewhat (e.g. noise reduction, colour correction) and transferred between formats (e.g. VHS to DVD) but you can't -- as they say -- "make a silk purse o... Read More »