Is it better to exercise before or after eating?

Answer drink water before eating so you'll be full right away, wait for an hour and exercise. :) you'll lose weight in no time. :)

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Which is better exercise BEFORE breakfast or AFTER and why?

After so you have energy before you workout. You'll burn muscle if you don't eat.

Why does my blood sugar seem better in the morning after eating alot of carbs before bedtime?

Somogyi rebound.Your blood glucose dips during the middle of the night -> liver breaks down glycogen, releases glucose into bloodstream. This glucose hangs around in the blood because you have diab... Read More »

How long after eating can I exercise?

Is it better to exercise just before dinner or just after dinner?

From a training perspective it makes no difference. The only reason why i would say before dinner is because exercising(especially running) can get real uncomfortable after eating.If you want to do... Read More »