Is it better to drink regular soda or diet soda?

Answer diet

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Why is diet soda worse to drink than regular soda?

Aspartame (sweeteners) are really bad for your health

Should people drink Diet or regular soda?

Isn't that up to the person's preference or mood?Also, diet soda often contain Aspartame which can lead to brain tumors. Regular isn't all that good for you either, but people drink them anyways.

Can people taste the differents between diet soda and regular soda?

I can tell the difference between regular and diet soda by both taste and smell. I can't stand diet - it tastes phony and has too many chemicals in it, plus I am allergic to artificial sweeteners ... Read More »

Diet soda that most tastes like regular soda?

Lots of Diet Dr. Peppers here, so I won't argue with that.Coke Zero tastes roughly like a cross between Diet Coke and Coke.