Is it better to compost in the sun or the shade?

Answer On One Hand: Sun Speeds DecompositionExposing your compost pile to as much sun as possible will speed up decomposition, allowing bacteria and microorganisms to break down the materials faster. This... Read More »

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Do compost piles need sun or shade?

It is best to place your compost pile in the sun because the heat helps the materials to break down. However, sun-exposed piles require more frequent watering to prevent them from drying out, warns... Read More »

Do Mums Do Better in Sunlight or Shade?

Like all plants, chrysanthemums only grow when a few basic requirements are fulfilled, including proper soil, water, food and light. The light exposure of a mum plant determines how quickly, how fu... Read More »

Which Is a Better Organic Compost: Guano or Chicken Manure?

Originating from several types of bats and sea birds, guano manure has been highly prized since the ancient Peruvians for its value as fertilizer. According to the National Sustainable Agriculture ... Read More »

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