Is it better to compost in the sun or the shade?

Answer On One Hand: Sun Speeds DecompositionExposing your compost pile to as much sun as possible will speed up decomposition, allowing bacteria and microorganisms to break down the materials faster. This... Read More »

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Do compost piles need sun or shade?

It is best to place your compost pile in the sun because the heat helps the materials to break down. However, sun-exposed piles require more frequent watering to prevent them from drying out, warns... Read More »

How to Transport Compost Materials from Your Kitchen to Your Compost Bin?

It is great to compost but what do you do about getting your compost ingredients from the kitchen to the bin? If your bin is outdoors, it can be a de-motivating factor if the scraps for composting ... Read More »

How to Shade on a Graphing Calculator Using the Shade Command?

Shading on a graphing calculator is a great way to visually indicate overlap, whether between two inequalities or two lines. For instance, if you want to shade the space below one equation and abov... Read More »

How do you make a compost container using the compost itself?

Hm. Your question is worded kind of strangely, but I think you're asking what to use and how to make a compost bin. If you are asking how to make a compost bin using actual compost as the structur... Read More »