Is it better to buy a genuine HP 22 cartridge or a compatible?

Answer I always use the printers recommended inks that are genuine no risk of damaging the printer then

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Does anyone know where i can get a compatible lexmark no.2 cartridge from?

As this is the UK site, I am giving a UK address. If you want a US address I suggest you go onto the US site. 'refresh cartridges 'are excellent value for money.

Which HP cartridge is compatible with a Dell A920?

The Dell A920 printer functions correctly only with Dell replacement ink cartridges. The black ink cartridge is T 0529 and the color cartridge is T 0530. There are no listed compatible HP cartridg... Read More »

What Lexmark ink cartridge is compatible with a Dell M4646?

Dell printer ink cartridges such as the M4646 Dell 942 High Capacity Print Cartridge are designed to fit only into compatible Dell Printers such as the Dell 942 Photo All-In-One. Lexmark cartridge... Read More »

Is a Lexmark color ink cartridge compatible with a Dell A960?

Lexmark doesn't manufacture color ink cartridges that are compatible with the Dell A960 printer. However, there are re-manufactured ink cartridges available for purchase that are compatible with th... Read More »