Is it better to be a vegetarian?

Answer So much depends on the particulars of your diet; I have been a vegetarian over 10 years, and the points to remember are that you make certain that your diet isn't lacking in anything, be it protein... Read More »

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Why is it better for the environment to be a vegan/vegetarian?

Most of the farmland in the world is devoted to one main purpose - to grow food for fattening up the animals in factory farms for meat-eaters. This takes up an enormous amount of land. This transla... Read More »

Why did i feel better being vegetarian?

I bet it's because you're not eating nuts and seeds, avocado, coconut, olives, wheat germ and other things with lots of oil. YOu can go overboard eating oil on a vegan diet. With milk, you are gett... Read More »

I need a better vegetarian diet, help!?

To be totally honest, eating vegetarian can be really really cheap. For breakfast this morning, I had oatmeal (offbrand oatmeal ~ 1.50 for a giant tube) with blueberries (~4 for a whole bag, frozen... Read More »

Why Is being a vegetarian or vegan better for the environment?

You have to grow food for the animals to eat, you have to grow a heck of a lot of food for the animals to eat! You have to use chemicals and fertilizers on the food that they eat and you also have ... Read More »