Is it better to apply to college online or via mail?

Answer On One Hand: Online Submission Benefits AllIn the age of technology, most colleges allow for online applications. Institutions make no qualms about stating their preference for the online variety, ... Read More »

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If I apply to 3 colleges, do I send online FFSA application to each college?

you'll need to find the federal school codes of the schools you want to receive your FAFSA results. the only way the FAFSA will get to your schools automatically is if you include their 6-digit cod... Read More »

Were can i look for justice if i was scamed on a online college, (axia phoenix online, apollo group.?

Is it truly a scam ? Then you have legal recourse.My guess is you were sucked in by University of Phoenix' extremely aggressive (and obnoxious) recruitment activity. If that's all, you're out of l... Read More »

How to Find an Accredited Online College and Get an Online Degree?

There are 5 Important Steps you should follow to research how to find the best accredited online school for you. By following these steps, you will be able to weed out the online degree granting "P... Read More »

Can I apply for an Ireland visa in person or only by mail?

You can not apply in person or by mail for a visa to visit Ireland. Everyone who wishes to apply for a visa to Ireland must apply online. It is no longer possible to use a paper application.Source:... Read More »