Is it better for kids to go to preschool?

Answer It can help with social skills, getting use to a schedule, meeting new people, & learning how to be independent. Preschool can be a good experience for children, especially when they have a good te... Read More »

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Have you ever wondered what preschool kids would be like if they listened to Korn at preschool?

They would be more hyper than they are already

Preschool kids listen to the music group Korn - Can you explain what the kids would be like after this?

If you mean in the future nothing probably. They don't really understand what they are listening too and their music tastes change with the years.

Boat Crafts for Preschool Kids?

Boats are popular among preschoolers. Perhaps it's the fact that they sail on water, or maybe it's that they're sometimes big and make loud noises. Whatever it is, you may find yourself looking for... Read More »

What do little kids need for preschool?

Depending on the type of preschool, some things are provided by the school and some you need to bring. Some teachers/schools also ask for some "community" supplies that get used up fast, like tissu... Read More »