Is it best to wipe from back to front or front to back?

Answer It really only depends if you're a chick.

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Do you wipe front to back or back to front?

Girls must wipe front to back because we risk infection if we get poo poo in our hoo hoo (sorry for the technical terms haha). If your a guy it probably doesnt matter.

Why do they say to wipe front to back?

Wipe Front to Back: Always wipe yourself from the front to the back. Don't try to reach from behind because your hand and tissues will pick up germs from the rectum. After bowel movements, clean th... Read More »

If you have blue waffle, do you still wipe front to back or should you reverse it?

I like to do reverse cowgirl with my blue waffle.

Do you prefer DEDs front-to-front, front-to-back, or back-to-back?