Is it best to wash your hair everyday or more like every other (girl)?

Answer Every other day, because washing it every day can deprive your hair of it's natural oils. Washing it every other day can also help it grow faster.

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How to Get Your Significant Other to Wash His Hair More Often?

If your guy is one of those people that feels that because his hair is short, it requires only infrequent shampooing (i.e. one out of three or four showers, or less!) this is a simple trick to help... Read More »

Is it bad to wash your hair everyday?

washing your hair everyday can strip the oils out of it, leaving it dry and brittle. you can combat this by using a conditioner.Washing your hair everyday is not necessary and I don't even recommen... Read More »

Is it ok to wash your hair everyday?

Well what most people don't know on here is about hair types on this issue. They always same the same thing and it just isn't true. Everyones body is different. It's almost like saying every depres... Read More »

Is it good to wash your hair everyday?

Not every day. Maybe like every two or three. If you wash it to much the shampoo will do one of two things. It will strip your hair of all the oil and 1. leave it really really dry, which will lead... Read More »