Is it best to wash your hair everyday or more like every other (girl)?

Answer Every other day, because washing it every day can deprive your hair of it's natural oils. Washing it every other day can also help it grow faster.

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Is it bad to wash your hair everyday?

washing your hair everyday can strip the oils out of it, leaving it dry and brittle. you can combat this by using a conditioner.Washing your hair everyday is not necessary and I don't even recommen... Read More »

When they say don't wash your hair everyday, what exactly do they mean?

It doesn't matter if you get it wet, just don't wash it with shampoo.I condition every day, shampoo every other day, and am starting to do a EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) treatment once a week. (ba... Read More »

Is it okay to wash my hair everyday?

Don't panic!You CAN wash your hair every day and not suffer ill-effects if it is in fact as greasy, sweaty and dirty as you say.BUT, there is a better alternative.Why not just rinse it? People don'... Read More »

Should I Wash My Hair Everyday?

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