Is it best to turn off your computer every night, or leave it on?

Answer Best to turn off for a number of reasons.Save electricityProlong life of components within the computerCertain items will need refreshing which is done during rebootI'm in charge of a PVC mixing pl... Read More »

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Is it better for my computer to turn it off every night or just leave it on.?

turnit off, because the computer performance slows down, and wastes electricity

Should i turn my computer off at night or leave it on?

Theres barely any disadvantages of leaving a computer on 24 hours a day other than getting larger electricity bills. You can turn it on during the night if you wish, but have fun paying lots of mon... Read More »

Should you turn your computer off at night or leave it on to hibernate?

"Hibernation" IS turned off. It's just turned off after everything running has been saved to a special file (hiberfil.sys) so it can be just read back in when the machine is booted up again.Now if... Read More »

After shutting down at night do you turn off power at electric socket or leave computer on standby?

Personally I dont ever shut my computer off I leave it running 24/7. But for people who do shut them down you dont need to shut the power strip off, just use the shutdown option from the start men... Read More »