Is it best to turn off your computer every night, or leave it on?

Answer Best to turn off for a number of reasons.Save electricityProlong life of components within the computerCertain items will need refreshing which is done during rebootI'm in charge of a PVC mixing pl... Read More »

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Is it better for my computer to turn it off every night or just leave it on.?

turnit off, because the computer performance slows down, and wastes electricity

Is it bad to turn off your computer every night?

Nope, save the power for something else. But you should try to turn your computer ON and OFF just once a day. Your brother is only partially right, and here's why.Most of the components are te... Read More »

What is the right thing to do close down ;your computer every night or leave it on?

Turning a Windows system "OFF" (from 'Start> Turn Off Computer...' button) is not the best way to put your system away for the night (or extended periods) and forcing a shutdown with the power but... Read More »

Should you turn your computer off at night or leave it on to hibernate?

"Hibernation" IS turned off. It's just turned off after everything running has been saved to a special file (hiberfil.sys) so it can be just read back in when the machine is booted up again.Now if... Read More »