Is it best to paint ur room pink with pink carpet and pink bed covers?

Answer Yes if you are 5 years old

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My favorite color is pink and i need another color that goes with pink to paint my room?

I love the color pink paired up with chocolate brown

I am7 weeks prego all good so far had a US at 6wks looked great saw the heartbeat i went to the b-room 2night wiped and discharge was lil pink no spotting or cramps went again no pink should i worry?

A trained medical professional should check you out. Maybe it's fine, maybe it's not. You do need to go to the doctor to find out.

Should i paint my room red or pink?

my room is pink and i absolutely love it! You can make Pink calm, or you can make it bold! GO WITH PINK!! :)

Should I paint my room Hot Pink!!!?

I would think that would be giving you headaches looking at that color constantly. Maybe paint your room a lighter shade.