Is it best to obtain a semen analysis at a lab or at home?

Answer On One Hand: Lab Offers Greater DetailIt's best to have your semen sample analyzed at a lab. According to, semen analysis kits sold at pharmacies provide less detail than laborato... Read More »

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How is semen collected for a semen analysis?

Semen analysis is one of the first tests performed for potentially infertile men. While some men may find the collection process to be awkward, in general the procedure is simple and noninvasive.Pr... Read More »

How does a man have a semen analysis done?

A semen analysis can tell a man if he is potentially able to father a child. This procedure can be very important to couples hoping to conceive or men who want to make sure that their vasectomy is ... Read More »

What is semen analysis?

Semen analysis is used in determining if a man is infertile. It is generally prescribed after a vasectomy to test if the procedure was successful and if a couple is having trouble getting pregnant.... Read More »

What is viscosity semen analysis?

A semen analysis covers numerous factors and can help a couple determine the cause of infertility. Semen viscosity is a major factor in examining ejaculate.ViscosityViscosity is a measure of the re... Read More »