Is it best to give up parental rights before the child is born?

Answer It depends, are you the one paying child support? If you are, it will not work to give them up IF the other parent is getting any kind of state help.If you are the mom, it would depend on what your... Read More »

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Do you have to pay child support if you give up your parental rights to a child if the child is living with the other parent?

Usually you have to continue pay even if you give up your parental rights, yes, unless the other parent agrees to you not paying anymore.

Does father have parental rights before the baby is born?

No, he does not have parental rights until the child is born. If the parents are unmarried he must establish his paternity legally through the courts. If the parents are married the father has equa... Read More »

How do you give up your parental rights to a child you are not allowed to see?

Answer A biological parent cannot be kept from seeing their child except by an order from the court.If the custodial parent is refusing visitation the parent has the option of filing a petition wi... Read More »

Can a father willingly give up his parental rights to his child?

Any parent, father or mother, can relinquish their parental rights voluntarily. Sometimes this is done so that a new spouse can legally adopt the child. Contact the nearest court that has jurisdic... Read More »