Is it bad to write on your hand As in can the ink ever poison your blood?

Answer No unless you have an opening in the skin

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Does putting your hand in ice water lower your blood pressure?

When males put their hands in ice water, it has been observed that blood pressure rises significantly. Females, on the other hand, show no changes in blood pressure during immersion, according to a... Read More »

What is the lowest your blood sugar has ever dropped without your experiencing symptoms of it?

Speaking only for sugar was so low....the meter said "LO".

How to See Blood Veins in Your Hand With a Flashlight?

This is a pretty cool trick. See your veins through your hands!

What to do about a burst blood vessel in your hand?

isnt that a bruise if ur blood vessel burst Edit (By ray1613): I played a game similar to 'slapsies' , where I continously slapped my opponents hand (and vice versa) and I ended up with bursted blo... Read More »