Is it bad to write on your hand As in can the ink ever poison your blood?

Answer No unless you have an opening in the skin

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Whats the common blood alch poison level?

Generally .25 and above is considered to be a stupor and dangerous and can cause severe ataxia, vomiting, unconsciousness, and depressed breathing.BUT, every BAC app that I have used seems to overe... Read More »

I had a blood test yesterday from my back hand and now my back hand vein is hurting. Why is it hurting?

Whenever you have a needle stuck into a vein there is a degree of bruising. You may feel some discomfort for a few days but it will go. I have both given blood and also been cannulated many times a... Read More »

How to See Blood Veins in Your Hand With a Flashlight?

This is a pretty cool trick. See your veins through your hands!

Burst blood vessel in hand?

Its usually best to leave it alone as to avoid getting any bacteria in it. Usually blisters are the ones that are best healed by pressing a needle into it and draining the blister. Blisters usually... Read More »