Is it bad to wear tampons everyday?

Answer only wear tampons for heavy bleading!!!!!!!!!! tampons are dangerous to wear alot! they can give you toxic shock syndrome , there is no cure for it and it is very deadly! go to the doctor you mig... Read More »

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Im afraid to wear tampons at night?

Is it okay to wear tampons when you have a yeast infection?

On One Hand: Tampons Can Absorb MedicineAvoid using a tampon when treating a yeast infection with a vaginal suppository. Monistat, a brand of over-the-counter yeast infection medications, instructs... Read More »

Is it bad to wear contacts everyday!?

the risk here is that you deprive your eyes of oxygen. Long term that can damage your vision and it will be real damage . There aren't many symptoms before the damage is done. Best that can happen ... Read More »

Do you wear lotion everyday?