Is it bad to wear a bra to sleep?

Answer No, there is no scientific proof it is really bad for you. if that's what you are comfortable with, then feel free to wear your bra to sleep. it doesn't do anything good for you, but no harm either... Read More »

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Do you think its bad to wear a bra to sleep?

Ok, I'm a guy, but this is an interesting question.I researched it, and there was a study done in the US a while back that linked tight bra-wearing and long-term bra wearing with breast cancer.A bo... Read More »

Is it bad wear bra when you go to sleep?

If it's comfortable it's okay, I do sometimes when I stay over someplace. However it will not affect your breasts by gravity, your sleeping, not standing upright, gravity's going to be on top of yo... Read More »

Women only...Do you wear a bra to sleep.?

I have DDs as well and don't wear a bra to sleep as I find it uncomfortable. If you feel you need one to sleep in, a lot of people say a sports bra is comfortable for that.Good luck - not easy bei... Read More »

What does the pope wear to sleep?

The current pope is Pope Benedict XVI. He was elected as the the Roman Catholic church's 265th pope on April 19, 2005, after the death of Pope John Paul. Pope Benedict, like many popes before him, ... Read More »