Is it bad to use bleach on teeth ?

Answer Bleach can be dangerous, especially if it touches your gums or tongue or gets swallowed. Bleach is corrosive (not sure I spelled that right lol) but basically it can eat away at human skin and gums... Read More »

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Can You Bleach Your Teeth Using Real Bleach?

Can you bleach your teeth with clorox for Teeth witening?

That's a terrible idea. It is very dangerous.

Can I put bleach on my teeth?

Regular chlorine bleach, the kind of bleach used for cleaning or laundry, can cause severe damage and health problems if used improperly or ingested. Instead, use whitening toothpaste or home white... Read More »

How white can I bleach my teeth?

On One Hand: Seven ShadesAccording to Simple Steps Dental, a professional dentist can get your teeth up to seven shades whiter, even if you opt for a dentist prescribed at-home whitening kit. Howev... Read More »